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The links on this page will take you to the web sites of some of the best theatrical equipment manufacturers in the world. Just click on the logo on the left of the site description to open your selected site in a new browser window.

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ARX Systems

ARX designs and manufactures a great range of unique pro audio products that solve problems encountered by audio engineers everywhere. ARX Systems is owned and operated by audio engineers with over 60 years combined experience in the professional audio industry.

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Ben Nye

For over forty five Ben Nye has earned the respect of performers worldwide who simply want the best in stage makeup products. Today Ben Nye produces a wide range of makeup products for theatre, film, and fashion.

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Crown Audio

Crown International has been in the audio business since the 1940s and was acquired by Harman International in 2000. Crown has continued to move forward and their current product line embodies the reliability and innovation that have long been their hallmarks. Crown's web site has loads of information on their products and audio engineering in general - awesome!

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dbx Professional

dbx, founded in 1971, is a manufacturer of professional audio equipment. The company's original goal was "to get closer to the realism of a live performance". Today, dbx signal processing technologies are the products of choice for audio professionals worldwide.

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EWI manufactures pro audio equipment for medium to high performance professional applications. The product range is designed to deliver reliable, cost effective, performance and is continually refined by working professional audio engineers who test in the field under real-world conditions.

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GE Lighting

GE Lighting, part of the GE Consumer Products Division of General Electric Company, is a leader in lamp technology and manufacturing in the global lighting industry.

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JBL Professional

JBL is the leading producer of branded loudspeakers in the United States today with a history dating back over fifty years. The company is also a significant force internationally, with more than half of the output of the company exported. JBL has developed a wide range of products for the professional audio market and has collected a number of awards along the way.

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John Herber

John Herber is New Zealand's leading manufacturer of theatre and cinema drapes, curtains and screens. Also an innovative producer of sound shells, portable staging and flooring. Using quality fabrics imported from around the world John Herber's expert staff can fabricate any type of drape, cyclorama, gauze, back drop and stage cloth.

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Kryolan has been a specialised manufacturer of professional makeup products serving the theater, film, and television industries worldwide for over sixty years and has unsurpassed understanding of the needs of qualified professional make-up artists working in the entertainment industry.

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The Leatherman company's standards for quality, durability, precision and attention to detail are what make Leatherman tools the world leaders with a wide range of multi-tools to suit every purpose.

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Martin Professional

Martin Professional manufactures a complete line of smoke and haze machines as well as a broad range of popular fluids. Martin is recognised as the world leader, making effective and reliable products that withstand the rigours of international touring.

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NZ Fire-Shield

NZ Fire-Shield offers fire retardant products & protection services to make materials including fabrics, timber, cardboard and paper in your venue fire retardant to comply with building code standards. Services are offered throughout New Zealand and overseas.

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Philips Selecon

Manufacturer of luminaires for theatres, studios, and display lighting. Selecon luminaires provide the performance, beam quality and control demanded by leading lighting designers. Everything you ever wanted to know about luminaires starts here.

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QSC Audio

QSC Audio Products is a globally recognized leader in professional audio with over four decades in business serving the demanding requirements audio professionals in concert, installation, portable entertainment and cinema applications.

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Rosco is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of superb products for the entertainment industry. Their range of gobo designs and the ever popular Supergel colour filters are well known throughout NZ. Check out the Technotes section for a wealth of helpful information.

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Shure has a reputation of innovation and excellence. Their SM57 and SM58 mics are still the world's top sellers, over 40 years after they were introduced! This site has lots of tech info on Shure products and an awesome technical library - check it out.

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Soundcraft is today still very much the dedicated professional mixing console designer and manufacturer it was back in 1973 when the company was founded, with a range of mixers designed for use in live sound, recording, post-production, TV, radio, and disco applications.

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Manufacturer of lighting control systems for theatres, studios and architectural applications. Theatrelight dimmers, control desks and their associated products are designed to provide ease of use with high reliability.