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Saint Paul's Collegiate School Chapel

The Chapel of Christ The King is at the heart of Saint Paul's Collegiate School in Hamilton City, New Zealand. During 2001 a major project to extend and upgrade the original chapel, built 34 years earlier, created a superb new 800 seat auditorium. The new chapel is designed to be used not only for worship but also for assemblies, music and performances. High quality technical facilities for sound, video and lighting were designed into the project. Adena provided theatre consultancy services and supplied stage lighting spot bars customised to meet the specific requirements of this installation.

St Paul's Collegiate School Chapel Auditorium

The stained glass window features a cross etched with the words from The Sermon on the Mount. Sunlight reflecting from a shallow pool outside this window creates a delightful pattern of moving coloured ripples on the chapel ceiling

The new stage lighting spot bars can be seen below the ceiling and are installed end-on to the stage to avoid the visual intrusion that would be caused if they were installed parallel to the front of the stage.

St Paul's Collegiate School Chapel Lighting Spot Bars

The spot bars are finished in a powder coat paint to match other fixtures in the building.

Each spot bar is five metres long and pre-wired with eight dimmer circuits. Sixteen-pin Wieland connectors are used to connect the spot bars to the fixed wiring.

When the stage is not being used for performances the general stage lighting is provided by architectural luminaires, mounted on the ends of the spot bars, and controlled by the auditorium lighting system. These luminaires can be derigged when theatrical luminaires are rigged for lighting performances and the dimmer circuits switched over from the auditorium system to the stage lighting dimmers. The auditorium lighting can be controlled from various points in the building and from the lectern on the stage. A conventional stage lighting desk is used next to the sound desk in the auditorium to control the lighting for performances. This provides a high level of flexibility to accommodate the various uses intended for the stage.