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Mission Heights Junior College Theatre

Mission Heights Junior College is located in Flat Bush, Auckland City in the North Island of New Zealand. The school has a roll of approximately 520 students aged 11 to 15 years drawn from the surrounding suburbs. Mission Heights Junior College and Mission Heights Primary School were both built on the same site during 2008 and opened at the beginning of the 2009 school year. The two schools share the administration facilities, library, gymnasium, sports fields, and performing arts centre.

The schools are the first in New Zealand to be designed from the ground up as "green" schools embracing numerous environmental features including solar water heating, wind turbine, energy efficient lighting, environmentally-friendly building materials, and a rainwater catchment system that allows rainwater to be used on site. Extensive information technology systems are continuously available to staff and students to support teaching and learning both on site and off site.

The Mission Heights Schools are considered by many to be the benchmark for future schools in New Zealand.

Mission Heights Junior College Theatre Stage

Adena was engaged by the school, before construction got underway, to design the theatrical systems and facilities.

The design brief was for a comprehensive theatre infrastructure that supports the use of current and emerging technologies to provide a highly flexible, state-of-the-art, educational theatre facility.

This photo shows the usual configuration as a conventional proscenium theatre viewed from the rear of the auditorium.

A flat floor space with moveable staging allows flexibility to configure the performance space in any way desired, including as an arena theatre with the stage in the centre of the room surrounded by the audience. The overhead studio grid enables rigging of lighting, sound, drapes and other equipment to support any stage configuration.

Mission Heights Junior College Theatre Auditorium

Two sets of black drapes support the proscenium theatre configuration,the first set being the house curtain at the front of the stage. The second set allows the cyc cloth to be covered and provides side masking to create some wing space. The photo above shows the prompt side masking drawn back to enable access to the scenery dock, this is independant of the winch. Both sets of drapes are operated by hand winches. Additional masking legs can be hung from the grid as desired.

The cyc cloth doubles a a projection screen for a large video projector that is mounted on the grid.

The photo on the left shows the auditorium viewed from the stage when it's in the proscenium theatre configuration. The control room can be seen in the upper left corner of the photo.

Mission Heights Junior College Auditorium and Control Room

The control room is cantilevered out into the auditorium to improve the sightlines toward the stage for people operating the lighting and sound control consoles.

The control room also houses the stage lighting dimmers, lighting load patch panel and the lighting data patch panel. The amplifiers and digital signal processor for the sound system as well the patch panels for the audio and video circuits are also conveniently located in the control room.

This photo, looking left from the stage, is another view of the auditorium and control room.

The ceiling and the upper part of the walls are lined with accoustic material and the varnished wooden panels along the lower walls provide additional accoustic treatment.

Mission Heights Junior College Theatre Grid

The studio style grid, viewed from the stage in this photo, is positioned six metres above the floor level.

The house curtain track can be seen at the top of the photo. On the next bar back are the two main loudspeakers for the sound system. Two smaller loudspeakers are located on a bar further back. The video projector can be seen in the centre of the photo.

A number of theatrical luminaires and disco effects lights populate the grid for the various events and activities that are currently being held in the theatre.

Fifty stage lighting circuits run from the lighting load patch panel to five outlet boxes at grid level and twenty circuits run to four outlet sets on the low level trunking in the auditorium.

Mission Heights Junior College Auditorium Patch Panel

Three patch panels are located in the auditorium, one on each side of the stage and this one (photo left) near the back of the auditorium. These patch panels provide DMX and Ethernet data circuits for stage lighting as well as waylines for audio and video to and from the control room.

Electrical power outlets are Installed on the trunking. The single square power outlets are dimmable circuits from the stage lighting load patch panel while the red coloured double power points are dedicated for audio equipment. The white double power points provide general power outlets for any other power needs.

Computer data points are also provided at various positions in the auditorium as part of the school's computer network.