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Te Kuiti Primary School Hall


Te Kuiti Primary School is located in the township of Te Kuiti in the North Island of New Zealand approximately a one hour drive from Hamilton City. The school has a roll of approximately 330 students aged 5 to 12 years. In 2008 the school hall was upgraded with the installation of a new kitchen and toilets, new ceiling and interior refinishing. The upgrade included the installation of stage lighting spot bar, dimming system, and new house curtain which were supplied and installed by Adena Ltd.

Te Kuiti Primary School Hall Auditorium View

This photo shows the stage and Front of House (FOH) spot bar truss as viewed from the back of the hall. The truss is suspended on steel wire ropes that are attached to brackets clamped onto the building's structural steel portal. The lighting truss, manufactured by Adena, has all the dimmer outlets on the top tube with the associated wiring inside the tube for safety. Luminaires are hung on the bottom tube as desired for different events.

The top tube also carries video and electrical cabling for a video projector which is normally hung from the centre of the truss. The screen for the projector is mounted on the proscenium arch.

This photo shows the Theatrelight Meteor twelve channel dimmer pack and its patch panel. The dimmer pack model was selected for its ability to provide a compact installation that is tucked neatly into a corner in the kitchen, a secure area, to reduce possible tampering. A large servery that opens into the hall is adjacent to this location so the control console can be operated from this position for assemblies while additional wiring enables operation from the rear of the hall for school productions.

A junction box for the cables from the spot bars and their patch cables that hang from the bottom of the patch panel was built into the Meteor patch panel by Adena. This enables the spot bar circuits to be patched into any dimmer channels as desired. A lone white patch cable was used for the projector power to differentiate it from the black stage lighting patch cables.

The connectors on the side of the patch panel enclosure are for the stage lighting DMX control input, video input to the projector on the FOH truss, and audio to the speakers in the hall. The stage lighting console, sound system and a computer to drive the projector are plugged into these connectors when operation of the equipment from the kitchen is desired. Three small cables that also hang from the bottom of the patch panel provide the link to the rear of the hall. These are simply plugged into the connectors on the side of the patch panel when operation of the equipment from the rear of the hall is desired.

Te Kuiti Primary School Dimmers & Patch Panel
Te Kuiti Primary School Curtain Track and Spot Bar 1

This photo is taken from the stage looking into the auditorium. It shows the new cord drawn house curtain track and the new stage lighting spot bar (SB1) position. The FOH lighting truss can be seen in the background. SB1 comprises of an Adena Power Bar for the dimmer outlet sockets and a separate steel tube for hanging luminaires on. All the wiring is contained within the steel Power Bar for complete safety. The curtain track, Power Bar and steel tube are clamped onto the steel beams above the stage.