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Te Awamutu Intermediate ALC


Te Awamutu Intermediate School is located in the township of Te Awamutu approximately 30km South of Hamilton City in the North Island of NZ. The school has a roll of between 400 and 500 students aged 11 to 13 years drawn from the township and the surrounding rural district, and is the only Intermediate school in the area. During 2003 the school commissioned a major project to design and build a multipurpose Arts and Leisure Centre. Adena Ltd provided theatre consultancy services, supplied stage lighting equipment, and coordinated specialist theatre contractors to install the rigging.

Te Awamutu Intermediate School Spot Bars Raised

This photo shows the spot bars at trim height. The spot bars and pulleys are finished in white powder-coat paint to blend in with the ceiling. The control room and the winch enclosures on each side of the control room can be seen at the top of the seating.

Each spot bar is 12 metres long with 24 electrical outlets pre-wired in pairs to 12 dimmer circuits. Adena manufactured these spot bars in two six metre long sections that were bolted together during installation on site. The electrics for the two sections are linked together by short cable with a multi-pin connector.

Te Awamutu Intermediate School Spot Bars Lowered

Here the spot bars are shown lowered to loading height. Each spot bar is suspended by three wire ropes fitted with bridles to evenly spread the load across the rigging.

The ability to load luminaires onto the spot bars from floor level enables students to safely participate in the loading process. The spot bars can be operated at any height within the winch range. This enables luminaires to be loaded and the bar raised to about 2.5 metres where students can be taught focusing procedures from the relative safety of a small step ladder.

Te Awamutu Intermediate School Spot Bars Viewed From Winch Position

This photo is taken from the winch location at the top of the seating looking out across the court area with the spot bars at loading height.

Effective management of the multicore electrical cables through ducting above the ceiling ensures that the spot bar circuits do not need to be unplugged to allow the spot bars to be lowered or raised.

Te Awamutu Intermediate School  Dimmers

The multicore electrical cable from each spot bar is terminated into a twelve circuit junction box. Each junction box provides twelve tails fitted with 3-pin plugs to enable the circuits to be plugged into the dimmers as required for any production. Power is provided to enable a second dimmer pack to be used when necessary.

The Theatrelight Rack-Pack dimmer pack is bolted to wall brackets so that it can be moved elsewhere when needed by simply unplugging the pack and removing the bolts. This equipment is installed in a lockable area of the building to prevent tampering and ensure safety.

Te Awamutu Intermediate School Winch

This photo shows one of the 500kg brake winches that are used to raise and lower the spot bars. The winch enclosure is almost completed in this photo. A safety notice is permanently posted adjacent to each winch to remind operators of the maximum safe working load and the safety procedures for operating the winches.

For safety reasons students are NOT permitted to operate the winches. A padlock is provided to lock the winch drum to its frame to prevent unauthorised persons operating the winch. To prevent tampering each winch is housed in a lockable enclosure.

The black multicore electrical cable for the spot bar can be seen behind the winch. A multi-pin connector, hidden by the head pulley in this photo, connects the spot bar cable to the fixed wiring in the building that completes the circuit to the dimmers.

The auditorium lighting consists of two separate systems to provide the range of flexibility required for a multipurpose venue. The main system comprises of the overhead metal-halide and fluorescent fixtures, all of which are controlled by appropriately located switches. A second system, comprised of a number of wall mounted incandescent fixtures is controlled by a Theatrelight Moodset dimmer unit. The Moodset provides three preset levels and off with an automatic timed fade between levels. This allows low level dimmable auditorium lighting for theatrical performances and strong lighting for sporting activities.