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Havelock North Intermediate TV Studio

Havelock North Intermediate School is located in the township of Havelock North on the outskirts of Hastings City in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The school has a roll of between 500 and 600 students aged 11 to 13 years drawn from the township and the surrounding rural district. During 2004 Adena was privileged to be involved with the development of a new Performing Arts Facility and Television Studio at the school. Adena provided theatre consultancy services, supplied stage lighting equipment, and coordinated specialist theatre contractors to install the rigging.

Havelock North Intermediate School  Television Studio Lighting Grid

The television studio has a conventional square lighting grid layout, as can be seen in the photo on the left, to enable luminaires to be hung exactly where needed for the cameras. Twenty electrical outlets, distributed above the grid, are permanently wired back to a the patch panel in the dimmer room for connection onto up to twenty dimmer circuits. The studio dimmers operate independently of the PAC dimmers and both systems can be operated concurrently.

For large school productions the studio dimmer pack can be switched over to the PAC stage lighting control so that a total of thirty six dimmers can be used for stage lighting in the PAC.

Havelock North Intermediate School Television Studio Control Room

The bright green panels that can be seen in the TV studio photos are for Chroma-key work. Chroma-key is a technology used to enable video of, for example, a news reader on one camera to be superimposed onto a background provided by video from another camera or a pre-recorded source.

The photo on the left shows the television studio control room. The studio itself is on the opposite side of the large glass window. This window provides sound proofing between the control room and studio.